Bowledge, Tabitha M. "Getting Serious About Fraud and Misconduct," AAAS Observer,


Bowledge, Tabitha M. "Getting Serious About Fraud and Misconduct," AAAS Observer,
Science supplement (4 November 1988), pp. 1ff.

This new publication, a supplement to Science, begins clearly enough: "This is turning out to be
the year that the science establishment lumbered to its feet, and with a mighty sigh of resignation,
got very serious about dealing with fraud and misconduct." (p. 1)

The most startling thing about this piece is that it quotes Benjamin Lewin, editor of Cell, saying
that it is his established policy to have authors share raw data, and if they are unwilling to do so,
they shouldn't publish. This is the same magazine in which Baltimore, et al., published their
1986 piece which has produced so much reaction. When Feder and Stewart asked Baltimore for
his data, they were refused! Has Cell only recently adopted this policy or are exceptions made?

There is a brief statement of some of the recent goings-on in science, with the admission that,
"Each of these propositions is controversial...and could fall by the wayside. But the spur to
adoption is a powerful one: the fear that, if the scientific community doesn't police itself, the
government will." (p. 6)

There is a statement by Diana Zuckerman (a staff member of the House Subcommittee on
Human Resources and Intergovernmental Relations): " have a $6 billion industry and no
quality controls." She then adds, "Just because we've had a couple of hearings doesn't mean we
think scientists are like defense contractors." (p. 7)