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Col. Danilo Agustin

Retired Col. Danilo Agustin and his lovely wife Merlinda in 2014.

Danilo Agustin

On April 5, 2007 the doctor at the hospital in Manila came into my room and said, “We’ve confirmed all of our tests, and I’m sorry to tell you Mr. Agustin that you have stage IVpancreatic cancer.” I was clueless about pancreatic cancer, but the declaration was clear to my wife who is a Registered Nurse. The news hit us like a house collapsing upon us. I was already jaundiced, weak, and very sickly.  We wallowed in self pity for a week or so and then we decided to do something about it. I refused to be cut up, poisoned, or microwaved, so that meant we would try an alternative route.

We proceeded through 90 days of intensive Boston C inpatient treatment, followed by weekly outpatient treatment and review. I have been ‘cancer free’ since 2008, and without the miracle of Boston C and Dr. Farrah, I wouldn’t even be here anymore. I can only give the most heartfelt thank you for saving my life. My entire family thanks you too!

Rodolfo Bumodo


Eight years ago (2006) I, Mr. Rodolfo Budomo, age 65 of Lipa City was diagnosed with Stage IV Liver Cancer with suspected lung metastisis. I was only given at most 3 months to live. Both my kidneys were also found to have multiple cysts and my creatinine was far above normal. My decision not to undergo surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation was suicidal to my family. But I stood firm in my decision never to yield from all these pressures. I told them those deadly treatments will only make my life miserable. I took nothing but Boston-C herbs invented by Sir Antonio Agustin of Tarlac City. I had complete faith that Boston-C can cure my liver cancer. In fact, when I started drinking Boston-C, all the discomforts in my body were one by one gone in just one month of drinking the miraculous herbs! It’s almost eight years now since I was diagnosed with the deadly disease. I am still alive and very healthy. My latest ultrasound confirmed a normal liver. I have advised my friends and relatives who have cancer to take Boston-C but they ignored me! Sorry to tell all of them have already died!

Sister. Virginia Embuido

57 years old From Guimba, Nueva Ecija

Virginia Embuido

Sister Virgie was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer in 2007. She had known numerous other nuns in her life who had also received this frightening prognosis. All of her fellow sisters had taken the “traditional” route of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. She saw all of them weakened, diminished and finally go from teaching about Saints, to meeting them in person. Sister Virgie opted to take a different approach using Boston C, and we’re very happy and proud to say that we spoke to her earlier today on 11/11/2014!


Age: 26 years old
Diagnosis: Breast Ca with mets to Lungs




SEPT. 3, 2011


OCT. 3, 2011

Dr. Perfecto Estocapio

Dr. Perfecto Estocapio, 72 years old, Naguilian, La Union, Prostate Cancer Survivor


Dr. Estocapio was diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer in 2008. He declined surgery, chemo and radiation since he knew that those options weren’t viable or affordable. Upon admission to the Boston C clinic,  Dr. Estocapio was complaining of significant back pain as well as extremely difficulty in urination. The first order was to insert a catheter and begin rapid detoxification. A bone scan was conducted to investigate the extreme back pain. The scan revealed metastatic bone cancer. The family was completely devastated  by this revelation.

Before Dr. Estocapio arrived at our clinic, he had been told he had maybe 3 months to live. After ONLY 42 DAYS of intensive treatment in May and June of 2012, there no longer any trace of prostate cancer, the PSA was normal, and all traces of bone metastasis were GONE!

Today in 2014, Dr. Estocapio is home enjoying being retired and healthy. Because he made the choice to come to Dr. Farrah, he’s able to enjoy growing old as a Grandfather, Father, and Husband. If you’re not ready to let your spouse go, bring them to see us, so you too can enjoy many more years together.

ruben evangelista

Ruben G. Evangelista

Age: 66years old
Retired Army Colonel
Address: Zamboanga City
Date of Diagnosis: 2007
Case: Stage 4 Liver Cancer
Permanent Address: J. Nazareth Drive, Putik, Zamboanga City
Medical History: Diagnosed Sept. 25, 2007 at Western Mindanao Medical City of Stage 4 Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Alpha Fetoprotein Test: Sept. 25, 2007
N.V. less than 7m g/ml = result 309 mg/ml
Ultrasound test: 7.8 x 6.3 x 6.7 cm Dated: Sept. 25, 2007

Patient was told to undergo chemotherapy but he decided to take Boston C Herbs for one month. Another Alpha Fetoprotein test was done on November 15, 2007 – the result is 73.7 mg/ml, patient decided to undergo 10 days fast track healing at Boston C clinic under the care of Dr. Farrah Agustin from November 20-30, 2007. After 10 days a repeat test of alpha Fetoprotein showed a dropped further to 10.2 mg/ml.

Patient continued with Boston C Herbs, and on January 14, 2008 a new abdominal test showed the tumor size shrink from the previous reading of 7.8cm x 6.3cm x 6.7cm down to 3.9cm x 4.0cm x 3.7 cm.

Also a repeat test of the Alpha Fetoprotein revealed normal value = 2.57 mg/ml. Ruben went back to his oncologist to show the test, and his Doctor stated“You are the only patient who came back alive in my clinic and amazingly you recovered from the deadly cancer disease.”

On April 22, 2008, two ultrasounds revealed complete disappearance of the tumor. The Alpha Fetoprotein test result was in a normal range at = 2.8 mg/ml.

As of November 2014, Mr. Evangelista is enjoyng life to the fullest.

Mr Laguda

Case Number II

Lung Cancer Stage IV
Patient Name: Laguda, Federico L.
Age: 69 years old
Address: Kalaloag3, Isulan Sultan Kudarat

Laboratory Test Before Treatment
A chest CT scan with contrast dated February 2, 2010 revealed a big mass measures 14.0×9.6x10cm. Please read the whole context of the CT scan.








AUGUST 20, 2011


SEPT. 05, 2011


OCTOBER 04, 2011

Mrs. Felicidad Montejo

13 years brain cancer survior! Mrs. Felicidad Montejo from Orion, Bataan was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2002. She had a 9 cm x 10 cm x 12 cm tumor. Surgery, Chemo, and Radiation weren’t an option for her due to the ultra high expenses. She was in unbearable pain, completely blind, and paraplegic. She chose Boston C, and 13 years later is still ‘cancer free’.


Ezekiel Navarro

Surgery, Chemo and Radiation failed to cure my brain cancer but Dr. Farrah did it in only 20 days!

Ezekiel Navarro

Ezekiel Navarro, 18 years old from Lingayen, Pangasinan, 10 years Brain Cancer survivor

I was diagnosed with Brain cancer when I was just 4 years old. The headaches were unbearable. I was vomiting all the time, had blurred vision, was always dizzy and unable to move around.

My grandparents in the United States shouldered my first brain operation and radiotherapy. After 2 years, my cancer recurred. A 5 cm tumor was again seen in the same area. I was again experiencing the same episodes of discomforts. A second surgery and gamma knife procedure was done. 2 years later, my headaches came back, and I could no longer see. I was soon completely paralyzed. Again I was brought to UST where I was operated on twice before. My surgeons eventually told us that surgery was no longer an option for me. My primary care Doctor prescribed a powerful pain killer, vitamins and diet and told my parents that, “Our treatment is no longer effective for your son.”

The news was devastating for my family since they had spent a great fortune to heal me, and the Doctors said there was no more hope. Everybody in the family was crying when they heard the bad news. “My son is still too young to die”,  cried my father.

My family decided to see some faith healers, only to be frustrated because the headaches were unbearable for me. They kept their faith, but there was no relief in sight. Until one day, someone told them about the fast track healing with Dr. Farrah. My family was skeptical, but they figured it was better than doing nothing.

Dr. Farrah promised no cure, but she had so many survivors who were at the clinic telling their miraculous stories to us, that my parents decided to give it a try. After only a 20 day intensive inpatient treatment, I no longer had any symptoms, and that is nearly 10 years ago! If you think this can happen for you, it can. I’m now attending University, enjoying my life, and have my very own sweetheart! Not too bad for a guy who was never supposed to survive boyhood! You can be a skeptic just like my parents were, OR you can get you or your loved one better. If you knew me when I was sick, you would not be a skeptic or have any doubts about Dr. Farrah and her ability to heal. God Bless!

Rolando Tartana

Mr.. Rolando Tartana
Age 54 yrs old
Address: Taytay, Rizal
Dx: Lung Cancer
Final Diagnosis: Pulmonary Mass AP Left Upper Lung Stage IV
Test before Boston-C Treatment
Chest X-Ray dated October 13, 2010 showed a 15cm x 9.3cm x 13 cm mass
End Stage Cancer Disease

Date Admitted: January 03, 2011
Boston-C Clinic
Patient Condition: Serious.
He is in pain originating from the back to the stomach. He is also coughing with plenty of phlegm. He can’t eat, can’t go to sleep. His blood pressure is very high. He is depressed. He did not undergo chemotherapy or radiation.

Rolando Tartana2

Chest X-Ray dated October 13, 2010 showed a 15cm x 9.3cm x 13 cm mass

Rolando Tartana3

Chest X-Ray dated February 03, 2011 showed significant mass reduction.

Rolando Tartana4

Chest X-Ray dated March 03, 2011 showed complete disappearance of the previous seen tumor.


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