In 1900, cancer was practically unheard of in this country. By 1950, there were about 150 cases of cancer per 100,000 population.

In 1971, U.S. President Richard Nixon introduced his War on Cancer, opening the floodgates of massive research funding backed by the government. This situation escalated until by the 1980s, over $50 billion per year was being spent to “find the cure.” A pittance, compared to the $300 billion today. [1]

We’re hit with endless media stories about progress in this war on cancer with new “breakthrough” drugs and miracle procedures being right around the corner… And of course the ever-present ‘new’ experimental drugs offered to almost every cancer patient. It’s astounding how each new generation of cancer patients keeps falling for the same smoke and mirrors, year after year. The clever combination of adeptly marketing fear, hope and ignorance is what keeps this money train rolling.

gallery-4The parallels with the cartoon above are intentional and should really open your eyes about “Cancer Research.” If the public really know how bad the failure of cancer research is, the money would simply stop flowing.

What is the real story behind the story here? From the U.S. government’s own statistical abstracts we find the disconcerting truth about “progress”. The simplest thing is to look at actual deaths from cancer. In epidemiology, deaths from disease are always measured in deaths per 100,000 population.

So let’s start back in 1967:

Mortality from Cancer in the U.S.
year — deaths/ 100,000

1967— 157.2
1970— 162.9
1982— 187.3
1987— 198.2
1988— 198.4
1989— 201.0
1990— 203.2
1991— 204.1
1992— 204.1
2011 — 191.4
Source: Vital Statistics of the United States vol. II 1967-1992 [2]

Don’t get too excited about the 2011 figure. In the government numbers game, it’s anything but pure science. The objective here is often to obscure reality, not necessarily to reflect it so that budgets can be allocated.

The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) health data which is not dependent upon the U.S. Government for research funding clearly shows that in 2000, the overall death rate had climbed to 321.9 per 100,000 people. [3]


This is quite a different look at the real data. Understand that government departments like the CDC need to show results for budget allocations. This can explain why claims from the CDC show an overall mortality rate of 178 per 100,000 as of 2007. [4] Why such a difference in the same numbers? Perhaps that’s because CDC figures are strictly controlled by their puppet masters from the drug industry, now more than ever before.

An August, 2016 headline from the Los Angeles Times story about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says ,“Cancer surpasses heart disease as the leading cause of death in California and 21 other states”.[5]

The CDC tally of death certificates from the 50 states and the District of Columbia shows that mortality isn’t going down. It is clearly rising every year and is poised to overtake deaths by heart disease very soon. [6]

gallery-6Why does nobody know this? You’ve probably never seen these charts before. Because they are forbidden in mainstream media.

Numbers can be twisted and made to do tricks. This chart is the raw data, not age adjusted or divided by race, or type of cancer. It will take you hours to find the simple data by internet searches, because the uncomfortable truth is deliberately obscured by overcomplicating it into dozens of useless and bewildering categories. Standard Edward L. Bernays (The father of public relations) misdirection – the science of epidemiology.

Try finding a medical reference or journal article or a URL that admits these figures. Try finding a newspaper or magazine article in the last 15 years that uses the raw data.

This data says one undeniable thing: more people are dying of cancer now per capita than ever before, and nothing is slowing the increase. Not early detection, not better screenings, not new high tech machines, not radiation, not surgery, and definitely not chemotherapy.

All the journal articles will say the opposite – that cancer rates are falling. But when you look closely at the data they cite, it never stands up to scrutiny, because they twisted the numbers by selecting only those groups who showed the assigned outcome.

Unfortunately the general population continues to have more deaths from cancer, not less.

If you do not think that we are actually in a Health Care Crisis, consider the following:

►The leading cause of bankruptcy is the high cost of medical care.
►The leading cause of harm is Doctor directed medical treatments.[7,8,9,10]
►The 3rd leading cause of death is medical errors. [12]
►The US spends almost 3 times as much per person on health care as every other industrialized nation in the world and is 2nd from the bottom in the health of it’s citizens. [11]
►The war on all chronic diseases, including cancer, has been lost.[13,14,15]

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