Anderson, Jack. "Voodoo Science Funding Rapped," Leader-Herald, Gloversville-Johnstown,


Anderson, Jack. "Voodoo Science Funding Rapped," Leader-Herald, Gloversville-Johnstown,
New York, 29 October 1983, p. 4.

Senator Proxmire has his Golden Fleece award. He would give it to academics who concoct
absurd research requests. The award symbolizes his scorn for stupid research suggestions. Here is
a case which has provoked Anderson: he has no doubt that it should be called "voodoo science."
The specific topic was suggested by a Reagan appointee to the Justice Department, who wants to
see government identify early those kids who are potentially dangerous. He wants to accomplish
this by identifying the physical characteristics of those kids, physical types which "go" with
being violent.

The project officer identified with this work is Alfred S. Regnery, Director of the Office of
Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. Turning the tables, Anderson Regnery mocks by
suggesting that he, "...(has) shifty eyes and he never looks at the person he is talking to, a sign of
suspicious motives..."

Regnery's is described as "a former official of the conservative Young Americans for Freedom."
His nomination for his post drew Senate opposition because of his harsh views on punishing
juvenile offenders. During his confirmation hearings, he had a bumper sticker that asked, "Have
you slugged your kid today?"

Believe it or not, this man has obtained funding for one of his projects. Anderson opines that this
sort of thinking is "Nazi-like."