Blumenthal, Ralph. "Papers Show Saturn Rocket Chief Was Called ‘Ardent Nazi' by U. S.,"


Blumenthal, Ralph. "Papers Show Saturn Rocket Chief Was Called ‘Ardent Nazi' by U. S.,"
New York Times, 8 November 1984, p. A4.

Down through the years since WWII, there have been charges and countercharges about the
United States and the Soviets systematically exploiting Nazis in various national enterprises.
Both superpowers were reported as having taken experts from Hitler's rocket programs and using
them in the development of their own space programs. After the war, these German scientists
were found to be useful to the Russians and Americans. Question: were any of these useful
experts also war criminals? Were governments hiding Nazis who should have been tried for war

Of late there have been stories about Arthur Rudolph, one of the Germans brought into our space
program. He was the head of our Saturn program which eventually led us to the moon. It has
come out that he was a war criminal, and it would appear that the Army knew it at the time it
brought him here. Lately, Rudolph has returned to Germany and given up his American
citizenship. Is this a case of a Nazi being so important to the space program that the U.S.
knowingly covered for him? This Times reporter suggests just that. During the occupation, this
erstwhile operator of a slave camp was clearly labeled a war criminal. Someone in the Army
covered that up while we used Rudolph's scientific skills.

This seems to be a case which illustrates how we conveniently bend rules when it is to our
advantage to do so.