Armstrong, Louise. Kiss Daddy Goodnight: A Speak-Out on Incest. New York: Pocket, 1979.


Armstrong, Louise. Kiss Daddy Goodnight: A Speak-Out on Incest. New York: Pocket, 1979.
(Originally, 1978)

This is another of the books cited by Masson in his Introduction to the paper edition of Assault
on Truth. This is a book which is supposed to sensitize us to the problem of incest which Freud
and his followers covered up.

In writing this the author spoke to 183 women. She got hold of the respondents by various
means: "Some responded to ads I ran primarily in the feminist press..." (p. 264) "Some women
were referred to me by friends or acquaintances. Three women were referred by their
psychiatrists or psychologists." (p. 264) She clearly can't tell 183 stories in this small book, so
she was selective: "The majority of those who speak in this book seemed to me to be the most, or
the most articulately, representative of a variety of the impact-effects of sexual abuse where some
innate inner balance is present in the person." (Emphasis in original) Although she does not say
anything about it, she has selected stories to include in this book which are sexually explicit; she
is after sales and she has chosen tales for the pornographic mind. She has a series of case
histories which are salacious. This may sell books but one cannot be sure of representativeness in
this "sample" of volunteers willing to talk about their being abused sexually. One can easily deny
that this is a sample of any "population."

There is no question here that the author regards incest as devastating. She would also have it
that incest has been known about for years but women have been brutalized by men and forced to
supress their knowledge. This form of sexual abuse is nothing new. Incest, here, is just another
form of male domination and brutalization of women and is to be understood in that context.

She provides a bibliography.