Barnes, Deborah M. "Focus on Fraud Shifts From The Conduct of Science to the Conduct of


Barnes, Deborah M. "Focus on Fraud Shifts From The Conduct of Science to the Conduct of
Investigations," The Journall of NIH Research, 3 (September, 1991), pp. 35-37.

The OSI's final reports on the Baltimore and Gallo affairs have been delayed, possibly
indefinitely and Bernadette Healy has been accused of undermining the OSI's work as well as
mishandling an inquiry on misconduct at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation where she was
research director. Inquiry now concerns how misconduct cases should be handled rather than on
scientific misconduct. Healy made her position quite clear when she publicly criticized Suzanne
Hadley for "mismanagment failures and a sloppy performance." In so doing, she has allowed the
attorneys for Imanishi-Kari and all the others to attack the OSI and its procedures.

No question that attention has been refocused away from Gallo and Baltimore. The OSI now
seems to be the target of inquiry. Baltimore is now saying that there is a "cabal" of Harvard
scientists who are out to get him.

"One possible outcome of the present entanglements is that the Baltimore and Gallo cases will
never be resolved. Indeed, as this Journal ... went to press, Science published a draft report on the
Gallo case finds Miklaus Popovic, a Gallo collaborator in AIDS research, guilty of misconduct,
but not Gallo himself. Popovic counters each charge, and indicates that OSI's final report will be
quite different from the draft." (p. 36)

Another outcome is that Healy's abilities to reshape OSI may be compromised. At the Dingell
hearing of 1 August, Healy removed herself from OSI work until the Cleveland Clinic
investigation is completed. At the initial inquiry which Healy led, the accused scientist was not
investigated, nor was the whistle-blower, just the department chairman's written statement. A
later inquiry found the accused not guilty by Hadley's OSI's investigation found him guilty.
Clearly Healy and Hadley cannot work together. Healy made all kinds of accusations and, after
Hadley resigned, put Gallo and Baltimore on hold.

The future of the case is uncertain.