Albany Times Union, "Gunman Kills 2 at Montreal University," Albany Times Union, 25


Albany Times Union, "Gunman Kills 2 at Montreal University," Albany Times Union, 25
August 1992, p. A-10.

Associated Press - Montreal - A professor armed with a pistol opened fire at a university
Monday, killing at least two people and wounding three before being captured, police witnesses

Some witnesses described the gunman as cool and controlled, apparently stalking predetermined
victims and ignoring others in the hall of Concordia University.

"He was in a very, very scary mood," said student Rafic Chehouri. "He was very calm in his
walking... I thought he would shoot everyone in front of him, and I was in front of him."

"He was holding the gun in front of him walking like a robot," said Chehouri, who took cover in
an office.

"Unidentified witnesses quoted by Canadian Press said the assailant was Valery Fabricant, a
professor of mechanical engineering. Witnesses were also quoted as saying Fabricant had
quarrelled with the administration over issues such as being passed over for promotion.

Two Concordia staff members were killed, said university spokesman Ken Whittingham. But he
declined to give their names or jobs.

Police spokesman Constable Claude Forget said the gunman was arrested about an hour after he
began shooting at the downtown campus. Neither police nor the university immediately released
the gunman's name.

The man took two hostages, but was overpowered by one of the captives and police moved in,
said police spokesman Serve Meloche.

Vojislav Latinovic, a professor of mechanical engineering, said he came out of his office and saw
his colleague carrying a pistol.

"He had a blank look on his face. I was afraid. I went back into my office and slammed the
door," Latinovic said.

One of the victims, a 48-year-old professor, was in serious condition with head and abdomen
wounds, said Joan Lamontagne, an official at the Montreal General Hospital. His kidney was
removed during an operation.