According to the National Cancer Institute, immunotherapy is defined as a treatment to boost or restore the ability of the immune system to fight cancer, infections, and other diseases.

There Are 2 Types of Immunotherapy for Cancer


Active immunotherapy engages the immune system and is typically very durable. An excellent example is the protocol we developed known as Multiphasic Intravenous Antigen Presentation Immunomodulation.


Passive immunotherapy enhances pre-existing immune response and has a short life. Examples include monoclonal antibodies and cytokines.

immunotherapy_is_designed_to_support_immune_system_720pImmunotherapy is Adaptable (2:42)

immunotherapy_fights_cancer_720pImmunotherapy – The basics (2:32)

Immunotherapy is Proven Effective in Cancer

Immunotherapies, such as monoclonal antibodies, checkpoint inhibitors, cytokines, and therapeutic vaccines, have been approved by the FDA to treat certain cancers.2


Class Approvals
Monoclonal antibodies 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2009
Checkpoint inhibitor 2011
Cytokines 1986, 1992, 1995, 1998
Therapeutic vaccine 2010

*Not inclusive of all immunotherapy classes.

immunotherapy_is_tumor-specific_720pImmunotherapy is Tumor-Specific (2:03)

patient-immunotherapyImmunotherapy Cancer a guide for patients (3:26)

immunotherapy_empowers_a_durable_immune_response_720pImmunotherapy Empowers a Durable Immune Response (2:19)

real-video-cytotoxic-t-cells-killing-cervical-cancer-cellsCytotoxic cells killing cervical cancer cells (0:32)

real-video-killer-t-cell-destroying-cancerA killer T-cell Destroying Cancer (1:10)

real-video-natural-killer-t-cellNatural killer T cell recognizing cancer (0:54)

immunotherapy_commercialImmunotherapy Commercial (0:57)

immunotherapy-now-promoted-by-johns-hopkinsImmunotherapy Now Promoted By Johns Hopkins (3:59)

immunotherapy-creates-cancer-killing-ninjasVarious NK cells killing cancer cells (1:29)

immunotherapy-is-now-promoted-by-mskccImmunotherapy is now promoted by MSKCC (1:19)

immunotherapy-how-the-immune-system-sees-and-destroys-tumorsHow the immune system sees and destroys tumors (28:35)

real-video-killer-t-cell_the-cancer-assassinT Cell Cancer Assassin (1:58)

real-video-natural-killer-cell-attacking-a-tumor-cellNatural Killer Cell Attacking a Tumor Cell (0:47)

immunotherapy-is-now-promoted-by-uclaImmunotherapy is now promoted by UCLA (3:12)

immunotherapy-awareness-monthImmunotherapy Awareness Month (0:46)

real-video-nk-cells-killing-cancer-cellsNK cells killing cancer cells

immunology-in-the-gut-mucosaImmunology of the Gut Mucosa (5:56)

immunotherapy-our-immune-system-immune-response-high-qualityOur Immune System Inflammatory Response (4:45)

immunotherapy-animated-explanationImmunotherapy Animated Explanation (3:02)

real-video-natural-killer-cell-01Natural Killer Cell 01

terminatorTerminator NK Cells (0:51)


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