A las cuatro

Benefits of A las cuatro

With a scientific name Mirabilis jalapa, its English name four-o’clock was derived from when a las cuatro’s flowers open. Its colors include yellow, white, shades of red and pink, and sometimes marked and mottled, which open in late afternoon (4 o’clock) and close in the morning.

a las cuatro may be used as purgative, diuretic and in wound-healing. Its leaves alone are diuretic, juice obtained from the leaves are used to treat wounds, while a decoction is used to treat abscesses. A las cuatro is also used to reduce inflammation. Its roots are diuretic, aphrodisiac and purgative, and are used in treating dropsy. A las cuatro root paste is applied as a compress to treat muscular swellings and scabies. Juice made from the roots is also used to treat diarrhea, fever, and indigestion. Powdered root is also mixed with corn flour then baked to use as a treatment for menstrual disorders.

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