Benefits of Abkel

With its scientific name pittosporum resiniferum, it is most commonly known as petroleum nut and/or resin cheesewood. It is a fruit-bearing tree which mostly grows in the areas of Bontoc up to the Provinces of Sorsogon particularly in the wilderness surrounding Mayon Volcano and in Mindanao as well as in Catanduanes. It is grown also in the Kapangan and Kibungan towns of Benguet in the aim of using it as an alternative fuel source. It is also found in Malaysia, particularly in Mount Kinabalu of Sabbah.

Philippine traditionalists used its fruits as panacea, especially for abdominal pain. Oleoresin made from abkel is used to treat muscular pains and skin diseases. Its nut decoction is also used for colds. Crushed nuts mixed with coconut oil are used to relieve myalgia.

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