Benefits of Acacia

Acacia is a common shared name of many species of Philippine plants both scientific and common. Some of these include acacia concinna, acacia, acaci, acacia farnesiana, acacia glauca, acacia niopo, and acacia crassicarpa. It is abundant in the areas of La Union, Benguet, and Ilocos Sur. It also grows in India and to the Southern China and Malaya.

Soft parts of acacia berries contain 5% saponin when dried. Its pods also yield several kinds of saponins including kinmoonosides A-C, triterpenoidal prosapogenols name concinnosides A,B,C,D and E with four glycosidesm acaciaside, julibroside A1, albiziasaponin C and aglycone, and acacia acid lactone. The whole plant yields flavonoids, saponins, terpenoids, and tannins.

Acacia pod is acid, bitter, and singulary pungent. It is also considered deobstruent in cases of jaundice and other biliary derangements. Decoction of pods is also used to treat biliousness and as a purgative. Paste made from pods, leaves and bark are used as hair cleanser when dried.

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