Benefits of Agave

Agave, derived from the scientific name is the adopted common name for most agave species: (1) Magey, maguey, agave, Agave americana (2) Agave, Agave angustifolia. It is also a genus of monocots native to the hot and arid regions of Mexico, Southern US and tropical America.

Agave plants known as a “century plant” because they live for a long time.

The most common used of Agave plant is fermenting the sugars in it to produce the alcoholic beverage called tequila, one of the most Mexico’s exports product. It is used also as a medicine.  Root tea is taken orally to treat arthritic joints, Leaf tea taken orally is used to treat constipation and excess gas, a sweetener derived from the sap, is used as an alternative to sugar in cooking.

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