Benefits of A las doce

Acacia is a common shared name of many species of Philippine plants both scientific and common. Some of these include acacia concinna, acacia, acaci, acacia farnesiana, acacia glauca, acacia niopo, and acacia crassicarpa. It is abundant in the areas of La Union, Benguet, and Ilocos Sur.

It is introduced in the Philippines around 1860 from the tropical America but is now in abundance. It can grow in waste places, along the roads, trails in fallow, rice paddies, spontaneously. Its main uses include antipyretic, antimicrobial, stomachic, and astringent, antidermatoses, laxative, antimalarial, and sedative. In the Philippines, the decoction of the inner bark or fresh cambium and leaves is used to treat diarrhea, acute bacillary dysentery, and enteritis.

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