Benefits of Amapola

Amapola or Mapula is commonly known as “confederate rose”, “cotton rose” and “changing rose” in English. It comes with a scientific name Hibiscus Mutabilis. With the word “Mutabilis”, which means changeable or variable, this plant is noted for its unique flower. Its names were draw upon its colorful mutability, which shows the changes of its shades as the day advances – from pale pink until darkening to red.

This bushy shrub is widely cultivated for ornamental purposes. However, this plant is also use for medicinal purposes. In fact, flowers of Amapola are emollient and cooling. In China medicine, they are used as analgesic and antidote to all kind of poison to treat swellings and skin infections. It has been used for treating tuberculous lymphadenitis. Furthermore, it can also be used for persistent cough, dysuria and wounds. Infusions of flowers are used for chest and pulmonary complaints.

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