Benefits of Amor-seco

This plant is known as “Golden beadgrass” or “Love grass” in English. It comes with a scientific name Andropogon aciculatus. It is normally found in open places at low and medium altitudes throughout the Philippines. Amor-seco also occurs from India to China and southward through Malaya to tropical Australia and Polynesia. It is considered as troublesome for some places and sometimes for human too, due to the seeds adhering to trousers and dresses.

Although, some neglect this plant, it can actually consider as medicinal for its contents. In some countries, such as Indonesia and Bangladesh, they used it as a poison antidote and in treating liver pain. In Hindu medicine, mixed with other herbal plants, it is used as an ointment for pruritus, skin eruptions, purgative, postulant and anodyne. While in Philippines, decoction of root is used for diarrhea.

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