Benefits of Añgañgi

With the scientific name limnophila aromatic, this plant is also known as rice paddy herb, finger grass, and swapleaf in English. Añgañgi are mostly found in Ilocos Norte, Bontoc, Benguet, Nueva Viscaya, Camarines Provinces, Palawan, Polilo Islands and in Mindanao. It grows in marshes and open wet places with low and medium altitudes ascending up to 1,600 meters.

It has antiseptic, aperient, appetizer, digestive, carminative, anthelmintic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, cooling, amollient, febrifuge, and galactagogue effects. The whole plant is eaten raw or steamed. Leaves are used for poulticing leg sores. Leaves and root decoction is used to treat fevers. Plant juice is also used as cooling medicine for fever and pharyngitis.

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