Baho baho

Benefits of Baho-baho

Comes with the scientific name Bauhinia tomentosa or Bauhinia binata Naves, this flowered shrub is commonly known as “Yellow bauhinia” or “Yellow orchid tree” in English due to its pale lemon-yellow flowers. Though, Baho baho, its local name, is probably derived to its burned-rubber smell when rubbed. This plant is cultivated in Manila and other towns and usually used as border plants. It was actually introduced from tropical Asia and also found in some tropical countries such as India, West Bengal, Sri Lanka and tropical Africa.

Although, it does not have pleasant smell, this plant is considered beneficial to our health. According to studies, its roots and flowers considered as antibacterial and antimicrobial. Also, the leaves are considered as analgesic, antibacterial and antidiarrheal. Baho baho is also considered as anti diabetic, antioxidant, Immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory. But, the most important is that, it is also considered as Anti-ulcer and Anticancer.

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