Benefits of Bain

It is commonly known as “Pale sundew” or “Shield sundew” in English with a scientific name Drosera peltata. It belongs to the carnivorous plants with over 105 species which use mucilage-secreting glandular hairs to trap prey. It is typically found on open, grassy slopes, in the pine forests and is common in Bontoc and Benguet Sub provinces, and Zambales Province in Luzon. But it also occurs in India, Japan and Tasmania.

Even though Bain has bitter, acrid and caustic flavor, it still good to use as an herbal medicine. In fact, this plant is actually described as a cough remedy back in 12 th century by an Italian physician named Matthaeus Platearuis. It is actually used as an ingredient in many cough preparations. Also, It is commonly used for asthma, hoarseness and whooping cough. In addition, resin from plant is also used in bronchitis.

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