Benefits of Baino

It is popularly known as “Sacred lotus” or “Sacred water lily” or simply “Lotus” in English. With a scientific name Nelumbo nucifer, this plant is native in Asia. It is usually cultivated as pond ornamentals, wherein, some countries like India, revered this plant as their most sacred plant. In Philippines, this plant is abundant in marshes and shallow lakes, from Northern Luzon to Mindanao.

Lotus is actually a food plant. The entire parts are actually edible, from the unripe seeds, rhizomes and petioles. They can be eaten boiled, raw or roasted. Sometimes, roasted seed is used as a substitute for coffee.

Furthermore, this plant has been used as medicinal herb in the Orient for over 1,500 years. Actually, it is used as astringent, cardiotonic, immunomodulator, antiviral and antitumor. The seeds are demulcent and nutritive while the filaments and flowers are cooling, sedative, astringent, bitter, refrigerant and expectorant.

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