Benefits of Balaniog

Balaniog also known as Brucea amarissima (Lour.) Merr. (scientific name). These plants thickets at low altitudes of Pangasinan Province in Luzon, Leyte; Palawan, Surigao, Bukidnon, Cotabato, Misamis Provinces in Mindanao, and in Basilan. It was also reported in India to Southern China through Malaya to Australia.

The seeds of this plant may be toxic in single full doses.With its powdered form, it can produce nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and purging. Although there were no toxic signs or symptoms were observed when the seeds were administered in divided doses. Toxic components are no oil of the seed, but in the bitter portion of the non oleated fraction of the seed. In a study, an amoeba in a living stool can also be treated using this plant with the use of 2% cold fusion of its powdered seed (free oil). In some parts of Asia, it is considered to be anti-malarial, anti-pyretic, and homeostatic.

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