Benefits of Bangbañgau

It is a hairy vine commonly known as “Turpeth Tree” or “Transparent wood-rose” in English. It has a scientific name of Operculina turpethum. This pantropic vine can reach a length of 5 meters or more where it is usually found in wastes places ant thickets at low and medium altitudes. In Philippines, it is also known as “Kamokamotihan” and is usually found in Batan Islands, in Ilocos Norte, Bontoc, Lepanto, La Union, Rizal, Laguna and Batangas Provinces in Luzon; in Visayas, such as Balabac, Culiion, Palawan, Cebu and Ticao; and lastly in Mindanao. Also, it is widely grown throughout India as an ornamental plant.

Furthermore, this plant is widely used as medicinal plant. In fact, it is effective as anticlastogenic, hepatoprotective, and anti-inflammatory, anti-diarrheal, antioxidant, antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti- diabetic and anti-cancer. In Ayurveda, it is used as chief ingredient for treatment in gastric ulcer and gastrointestinal maladies and a medicine for treatment of diabetes mellitus.

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