Kamoteng kahoy

Benefits of Kamoteng kahoy

This plant is usually known as “Cassava” or “Tapioca plant” in English. It has a scientific name Manihot esculenta Crantz. It is considered pantropic and known to be introduced from Mexico in the early colonial period. Kamoteng kahoy is planted or semicultivated in settled areas throughout the Philippines for its fleshy and starchy roots.

There are two well-known varieties of it, the bitter and the sweet. It is actually a source of tapioca. Sweet cassava is not as good as starch producers as the bitter kind, but is non-poisonous, tasty and grown for use as vegetable. The bitter is planted for its starch and the roots are considered poisonous but easily dissipated by heat. The plant is considered appetizer, aperients, tonic, anti-rheumatic, anti- inflammatory and antimicrobial.

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