Benefits of Saga

Saga (Abrus precatorius), is a member of legume, pea, or bean family Fabaceae. It is known by several common names, including bugbugaiong, kansasaga, jequirity seeds, bead vine, black-eyed susan, crab’s-eye vine, coral –bead plant, love bean, prayers beads and rosary pea. The deciduous climbing plant that produces numerous stems commonly grows in thickets throughout the Philippines.

A number of medically active ingredients are found in the seeds, although they are extremely toxic. It has several properties that are considered anti-inflammatory, purgative, anodyne, aphrodisiac, emetic, expectorant, febrifuge, laxative, sedative and vermifuge. A decoction from the leaves and roots are used internally in treating sore throats and a range of chest conditions. Roots are used to treat digestive disorders and a decoction from the stem bark is used in treating stomach-ache, thrush, colds, cough, sore throats and asthma. Also, an extract of the bark is used as a treatment for cancer.

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